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Pre-Installed XLERATOR® Hand Dryer HEPA Filtration System

Choose entire kit, HEPA filter only, or metal mesh pre-filter only.
OUR PRICE: $169.00
Model Number: XLP-40525-PRE
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Xlerator parts            NOTE: Hand dryer is NOT included with these products.

Official PRE-INSTALLED HEPA Filtration for Excel XLERATOR® Hand Dryers.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must order your XLERATOR and this product
AT THE SAME TIME, ON THE SAME ORDER to have it pre-installed.

HEPA DONE RIGHT. XLERATOR® offers the only certified HEPA filtration system proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria and particulates from the air in the room, and the only one with a washable pre-filter for reliable performance and extended filter life. XLERATOR® with HEPA settles the debate about hand dryer hygiene by delivering clean, filtered, purified air as only XLERATOR® can – fast and efficiently. The HEPA filtration system is now available as an optional XLERATOR® feature, or can easily be retrofitted into existing units.

          Excel HEPA filter demonstration video

 Parts appropriate for ALL models of Xlerator.   

     To install the entire HEPA filtration kit on a PRE-EXISTING XLERATOR®, choose XLP-40525

     To PREINSTALL the entire HEPA filtration kit on a NEW XLERATOR®, choose this product (order above).

     For just a replacement HEPA filter [Part: 40520], choose HEPA filter ONLY

     For just the metal mesh pre-filter [Part: 94] - choose METAL Mesh pre-filter ONLY

Q: Can a HEPA filter be bought for my existing XLERATOR® now?

A: Yes, we offer a HEPA filter retrofit kit (model #40525) which can be installed into a current XLERATOR.


Q: Can the common person install the retrofit kit?

A: It is required that only qualified electrical service personnel perform the installation.


Q: Can HEPA filters be bought pre-installed into an XLERATOR® now?

A: Yes, the HEPA filter is now available as an optional accessory built into any XLERATOR® dryer. 


Q: Is there maintenance involved with a HEPA XLERATOR?

A: Minimal maintenance includes rinsing a quick-detaching pre-filter periodically.  The frequency depends on conditions such as usage and the atmosphere.  Please see our HEPA Pre-filter Maintenance Recommendations included in the Owners Manual and available on our website (


Q: Does the pre-filter ever need to be replaced?

A: Pre-filters should be able to last the lifetime of the XLERATOR® if handled with care.  Pre-filters can be very easily replaced in the event they are mishandled or damaged.


Q: What is a Certified HEPA Filter?

A: A certified HEPA filter is a filter that has been individually tested under an established test protocol (IEST-RP-CC001.3) to verify that it can capture at least 99.97% of any bacteria, and other bacteria-sized particles, that flow into it.  Each filter is serialized and date coded upon passing this test.


Q: Does the HEPA Filter ever need to be replaced/how long does it last?

A: There is not a predetermined lifespan for the HEPA filter in a dryer because it is a wear and tear item subject to many variables affecting  longevity such as the atmosphere, usage, proper maintenance and potential negligence as described below.  Our filters can last anywhere from a year to the lifespan of the dryer dependent upon the frequency of use and the surrounding environment.  Proper maintenance of the pre-filter will serve to substantially increase the life of the underlying HEPA filter.  Excel Dryer offers a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase.  

Atmosphere: Dryers can be in locations where particles of all different shapes and sizes can be present. For example: hair, lint, fluids, heavy dust, pollen, clothing fabric, saw dust and more.

Usage: Dryers see different volume depending on time, location, seasons, etc.  Filter longevity is partially dependent on how often the filter is under use.

Maintenance: The XLERATOR® HEPA Filter was designed to be as low maintenance as possible.  With that in mind, Excel offers a detachable pre-filter which can be washed and dried as well as wiped off in little time with ease.  This pre-filter is designed to collect large particles to reduce the likelihood of a HEPA filter clogging. Simply cleaning the pre-filter periodically according to your own usage and conditions can help extend the life of a HEPA filter.

Negligence: HEPA filters are protected by a pre-filter and the hand dryer cover which has tamperproof screws.  As with any filter, when they are not handled with care, they can be punctured or deformed to reduce effectiveness and thus lower lifespan.

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