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Hands-Free Door Handles

     Here is a video overview of the hands-free door handles offered by Restroom Direct.

Hand Free Door Opener
We have the best hands-free
solutions for opening doors
without touching them with your hands.
Purleve Hygienic Door Handles
Innovative handle that automatically
advances a protective antimicrobial
sleeve every time the handle is
used providing sanitary exit from
restrooms or other public facilities.

Now, it is more important than ever, to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria through touching and cross contamination.  Doctors, scientists, and the CDC all say that the best way to prevent contamination, is careful washing of hands.  But what happens afterward?  You need to leave the bathroom, but how do you exit without re-contaminating your hands?  That's where "no-touch" door hardware comes in.  The three easiest to implement strategies are:

  1. Use your foot.  For this strategy, use the FootPull or the DoorWave. Note that these are considered "touchless" because no part of your skin touches the door.
  2. Use your forearm.  For this strategy, use the SanitGrasp or the Sanitary Door Opener.
  3. Use your hand, but protect it.  For this strategy, use the Purleve Hygienic Door openers which employ microban sleeves that are automatically changed everytime a person uses the handle to open the door. 

    There are two models: 

    > #1001 Push/Pull sanitary handle used for doors that self close and do not latch or lock.

    > #1002 Lock/Latch sanitary handle used for standard doors that do latch or lock.