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ThinAir Parts Info

TA 1  Replacement Cover
White ABS Plastic (Includes nameplate and cover hardware).

TA 2  Tamper Proof Bolt
Security type screw for Lexan Cover. One needed per dryer.

TA 3  Tamper Proof Cover Wrench
Fits security screw used to lock cover.

TA 4  Cover Knockout Gasket
Used when dryer is supplied power via surface mount conduit.

TA 5  Replacement Bracket Cover Hook
Used to secure the top of the cover to back plate.

TA 6  Air Outlet Nozzle
Focuses output of blower motor to concentrated output.

TA 7  Optic Bracket
Holds IR Sensor in place.

TA 8  Optic Assembly
Infra-Red sensor with mounting bracket (includes troubleshooting LED)

TA 9  Finger Guard
Protects fingers from getting burned on heating element.

TA 10  Heating Element Assembly
Comes in two versions: 110-120V and 208-277V

TA 11  Muffler Housing (output)
Holds output muffler foam in place.

TA 12  Muffler Foam (output)
Foam to dampen output sound.

TA 13  Motor Gasket Ring
Lower gasket ring for motor.

TA 14  Front Blower Housing
Front half of blower motor outer housing.

TA 15  Bracket Cover Hook
Attaches to cover and hooks over top of back plate to secure the cover (together with the tamper proof screw at the bottom of the backplate).

TA 16  Control Assembly
Includes control board (enhanced) and sensor assembly (with bracket)

TA 17  Blower Motor
Choose between 110-120V and 208-277V. Does not include gasket.

TA 18  Motor Gasket
Upper/Mid motor gasket.

TA 19  Pre-filter
Pre-filter for screening coarse particulate on hand dryer inlet.

TA 20  Input Muffler Foam
Foam that filters air at the hand dryer inlet.

TA 21  Inlet Muffler Housing
Holds foam at inlet in place.

TA 22  Rear Blower Housing
Back half of blower motor outer housing.

TA 23  Base Plate
Back plate to which dryer components are mounted and by which the dryer is attached to the wall.

TA 24  Cover Badge
ThinAir name plate for ABS cover.

TA 25  Tube (pressure)
No idea what this does. :) First one to call with correct answer gets a discount on their next order.

TA 26  Terminal Block
Secures wires power wires to power input cable and isolates poles from accidental shorting.