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Suitmate Swimsuit Water Extractor

Extractor Corp. SuitMate Swim Suit Water Extractor
OUR PRICE: $1,895.00
Item Number: Suitmate
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The Extractor SuitMate swimsuit water extractor is the best swimsuit dryer in the industry.  Durable and reliable, it is the industry standard for public pool bathing suit spinners.


  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 23"

  • Weight 55 lbs.

  • Shipping dimensions: 18 x 18 x 26

  • Shipping weight: 65 lbs

  • Construction: Rust-resistant stainless steel and durable plastic

  • 115 VAC - 60 Cycle - hard wired - no plug

  • 8.6 amps

  • 1000 watts

  • cULus Approved

  • Manufactured by Extractor Corporation


    Safety Features

    • Manual self-start and self-stop

    • No exposed moving parts

    • Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter

    • Automatic shut off after 10 seconds - to reset, lift the lid

    Operating Features

    • Easy to follow instructions.

    • Apply hand pressure on lid to start

    • Removes approximately 95% of a suit's water in 10 seconds

    • Uses no heat

    • Safe for all swimsuit materials

    • One suit per operation


    • One year, limited, within the US only.  No explicit warranty outside of the US.


    Moisture-proof electrical junction box and wall-mount bracket are provided. Water for disposal should be directed to floor drain or piped to waste water system.  The Suitmate Water Extractor should be hard wired by a certified electrician and preferably also plumbed into the drainage system.  It can be installed into a cabinet.  The only requirement is that there is enough clearance off the ground to access the plumbing and parts below the unit.  And of course you need to access the entire unit for servicing if required.

     Downloadable Resources

    Extractor SuitMate Brochure

    Extractor SuitMate Utilities Locations

    Extractor SuitMate Microswitch Adjustment Instructions

    If the basket is not spinning freely, check inside underneath the lip to see if a swim suit has become lodged behind the basket.  Using a hanger might be helpful.

    Warning! Very high velocity moving parts!  Always disconnect power before servicing or putting your hands into the unit.

    To purchase this unit with European voltage with free shipping throughout Europe, please see Suitmate Water Extractor-CE-Europe

    For a gentler swim-suit water extractor, consider the Spin-X which takes longer but is also less expensive.

    Model numbers:  We use the model number Suitmate-US.  The Factory uses the model number EXST.  Other model numbers are P5800.  There is only one Suitmate sold with US voltage, so you do not need to worry about which model number you have!

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