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SMARTdri K-970 Polished Chrome hand dryer

World Dryer SMARTdri K-970 (Polished chrome cover) Adjustable speed and heat. Avail. in 110V/120V or 220V/240V.
Retail Price: $917.00
OUR PRICE: $518.01
Item Number: K-970
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World Dryer  SMARTdri K-970   Adjustable, Hands Free, Hand Dryer
110-120V  |   Polished Chrome Cover

This new high speed hand dryer from World Dryer has adjustable heat and air volume settings.  At the factory-set highest levels, this 12 - 15 second high speed hand dryer consumes 1200 watts and pulls 10 amps - already very energy efficient - and creates a noise level of about 85dB - typical for a high speed dryer.  The motor speed and the heating element can be adjusted to bring the consumption to 400 watts / 3.3 amps, and the noise level down to a quiet 73 dB.  Now that's a smart dry!

Heat does little to dry hands, it is mostly for comfort.  But bringing the motor speed down will slow the speed of dry towards the more standard 30 second range.  So if your SMARTdri hand dryer is too loud or using too much energy, you have the flexibility to make changes without having to buy a whole new hand dryer.

Check out this video of how to adjust the heat and air speed of a World Dryer SMARTdri hand dryer..

Long-lasting motor:
  The SMARTdri motor uses new long-life technology which World Dryer says makes it the longest lasting off all high speed hand dryers, lasting four times as long as the World Dryer Airforce, for example.


Factory setting

Lowest setting


110 - 120

110 - 120







Cover color and material

Polished chrome on aluminum

Unit weight

11.6 lbs

Unit size (H x W x D)

12.5" x 9.3" x 7.6"

Sound level (depends on adjustable settings)

73 - 85 dB


Steritouch embedded in paint and internal components


Automatic - hands-free sensor

Limited Warranty

5 years


Smartdri Mounting Diagram    Smartdri recessed kit diagram


Here are a couple of ways that the SMARTdri hand dryer compares to other high speed hand dryers.

The World Dryer SMARTdri hand dryer is very similar to the World Dryer Airforce hand dryer.  But there are a number of major differences:

  1. The SMARTdri has a longer lasting motor and should last up to four times as long.

  2. The SMARTdri has fewer air outlets.  (The airforce has 11) so there is more force and is faster.

  3. The SMARTdri has a heating element, the Airforce does not.  But the SMARTdri's heating element can be turned off.

  4. The SMARTdri has an adjustable motor speed effecting the power consumption, noise level and dry time.

  5. The SMARTdri has more cover options, including stainless steel.  Cast iron is not yet available.

The World Dryer SMARTdri is energy efficient like the Airforce and the Xlerator hand dryers, but in it's lowest setting, it is ultra-efficient, using only 400 watts and 3.3 amps.  This is similar to the American Dryer EXT Extreme Air which uses 518 watts and 4.5 amps.  Extreme Air EXT is not adjustable, however.  So it is still a high speed hand dryer whereas when the SMARTdri is turned all the way down it is not longer high speed.  As a comparison, both the Airforce and the Xlerator are considered to be very low energy hand dryers.  The Airforce consumes 1100 watts and the Xlerator consumes 1500 watts. 

Smartdri UL

Download the World Dryer Smartdri specification sheet here:  World Dryer A5 Spec Sheet

The following is from World Dryer's product literature:

SMARTdri™ is the most energy efficient, “best of the best”, and fastest hygienic hand dryer. SMARTdri is designed to optimize dry time, energy consumption and sound quality. The intelligent, flexible controls allow customizing of air flow, sound quality and heating options to fit any application.

Product Benefits

• Intelligent on/off heating and 3-speed motor controls provide flexible options

• 10 second drying time, 3X speed of the traditional hand dryer

• Best cost-in-use, saves more than 99% compared to paper towels

• Extremely energy efficient -- uses only 12% energy of traditional dryers

• Most powerful combination of air velocity and air flow

• Longest life of all high-speed dryers

• Improved sound level and quality

• Durable and vandal resistant

• Hygienic antimicrobial technology

• Automatic operation

• Contemporary stylish design

SMARTdri Architectual and Engineering Product Specifications

SMARTdri™ hand dryer shall be manufactured by World Dryer Corporation to include a cover constructed of either die-cast aluminum finished with epoxy paint or chrome plating; cold rolled steel finished with epoxy paint; stainless steel with a polished (bright) or brushed (satin) finish or cast iron with porcelain enamel finish. The wall mounting plate shall be constructed of die-cast aluminum and the nozzle shall be constructed of die-cast zinc alloy finished in either bright chrome or nickel plating. Epoxy painted covers and motor enclosure shall incorporate SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology. The cover shall be attached to the wall mounting plate with tamper-proof screws. Motor shall be a thermally-protected universal brush type motor operating at 23,400 RPM and delivering 100 CFM air flow at a velocity of 265 MPH (23,320 LFM). Dryer shall incorporate a 400 watt heating element constructed of Nichrome wire and protected by an automatic resetting thermal cutoff. Dryer shall be activated by an automatic infrared sensor with a 3 second run-on time and 30 second vandal shut-off. Control board shall contain a motor control switch which can be controlled in either Hi, MED and LOW power settings. Control board shall contain a heater control switch which can be controlled in either ON or OFF position. Dryer shall provide a 41°F temperature rise. Dryer shall have an ingress protection rating IP24. Hand dryers shall be listed under reexamination service of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.