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World Dryer SLIMdri Hand Dryers

World Dryer SLIMdri Hand Dryer
World Dryer SLIMdri Hand DryerWorld Dryer SLIMdri L-970 Hand DryerWorld Dryer SLIMdri L-971 Hand DryerWorld Dryer SLIMdri L-972 Hand DryerWorld Dryer SLIMdri L-973 Hand DryerSLIMdri High Speed ADA Compliant Surface Mount Hand Dryer
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World Dryer SLIMdri Hand Dryers

The World Dryer Slimdri hand dryer is an ADA compliant, surface mounted hand dryer with a very nice power output, making it one of the only high speed, ADA compliant dryers on the market today. 

  • ADA compliant without having to recess.  To be ADA compliant (American with Disabilities Act) a hand dryer that is in a passageway must protrude less than 4 inches from the wall.  (So that a person using a walking stick will not bump into it.  But if the hand dryer is low enough so that the stick will detect it, then it is already compliant.)  For most hand dryers, this means that you must recess the dryer into the wall using a recess kit.  The World Dryer SLIMdri Model L, however, is 4" and therefore it is one of the few hand dryers that is ADA compliant without having to cut a hole in the wall, simplifying installation and reducing cost.  The Nova 1 and Nova 2 hand dryers are also ADA compliant when surface mounted.
  • Universal voltage.  This hand dryer works with any power source from 100 volts to 240 volts.
  • Heater on-off switch. By turning the heating element off, you bring the required amperage and energy consumption way down.
  • Energy efficient. This is one of the most energy efficient hand dryers in the industry.  Take a look at the Electrical Specification chart below.
  • Fast.  This has a high-speed motor in it and is about an 18 - 20 second hand dryer - just making the high-speed dryer category.    
  • 5 year warranty.  Excellent warranty for this type of a compact hand dryer
  • SteriTouch antimicrobial protection.  Good Hygiene!
  • IP23 protection against harmful water ingress.
  • Noise level.  The slim dry hand dryer is a higher speed dryer and it is on the higher level of the noise scale.  Not appropriate for noise sensitive areas.     










Model No.

White on Aluminum



120 / 208 / 240


Brushed Stainless Steel
Surface Automatic

120 / 208 / 240


Polished Stainless Steel



120 / 208 / 240


Brushed Chrome



120 / 208 / 240


Polished Chrome



120 / 208 / 240


10 11/16" high x 11 7/16" wide x 3 15/16" deep

 Upgrading from a World Dryer RECESSED dryer?

    World Dryer makes it simple with their SLIMdri RETROFIT kit! 

         SLIMdri Retrofit Kit

Download the brochure for more details

(Universal Voltage - the same unit will perform in the following manner depending on the electrical supply):









(Heater On)

(Heater On)


(Heater off) 


(Heater off) 


110 - 120


950 3.5 350




775 1.5 300


220 - 240







5 years
3 years on the motor brushes 


World Dryer Slimdri hand dryer mounting template dimensions

Best Value - Competitive price with high performance and vandal resistance

Fastest - Up to 40% faster dry time than leading competitive surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryers

Energy Efficient - Up to 70% more energy efficient than other surface-mounted ADA hand dryers

Hygiene - SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology

Flexible - ON/OFF heat options

Slim Design - Compact, sleek and modern design complements any washroom décor

Automatic Operation - Automatic operation encourages healthy hygiene

Universal Voltage - (110-240 Volts) Adapts to all electrical supplies

SLIMdri™ is the fastest and most energy efficient surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer. The SLIMdri hand dryer provides the best drying performance in its class, and is perfect for all commercial washrooms. The ON/OFF heating control, stylish low-profile design with flexible cover options, and universal voltage features fits any décor or washroom environment.

Architectural Specifications: 

SLIMdri™ hand dryer shall be manufactured by World Dryer Corporation to include a cover constructed of either die-cast aluminum finished with epoxy paint or chrome plating; or stainless steel. The wall mounting plate shall be constructed of die-cast aluminum and the nozzle shall be constructed of die-cast aluminum finished with epoxy paint finish. Epoxy painted covers shall incorporate SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology. The cover shall be attached to the wall mounting plate with tamper-proof screws. Motor shall be a thermally protected universal brush type motor operating at 13,000 RPM and delivering 70 CFM air flow at a velocity of 140 MPH (12,320 LFM). Dryer shall incorporate universal controls accepting 115 / 208 / 230VAC input. Dryer will incorporate an chrome wire heating element protected by an automatic resetting thermal cutoff. Dryer shall be activated by an automatic infrared sensor with a 3 second run-on time and 60 second vandal shut-off. Control board shall contain a heater control switch which can be controlled in either ON or OFF position. Dryer shall provide a 48°F temperature rise. Dryer shall have an ingress protection rating of IP23. Hand dryers shall be certified to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. standards for safety.


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