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SanitGrasp Hygienic Door Handle

SanitGrasp Hygienic Door Handle
SanitGrasp Hygienic Door HandleSG101 Hygienic Door Handle
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Model Number: SG-101
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SanitGrasp door handle     

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The SanitGrasp SG-101 Hygienic Door Handle allows your patrons to open restroom doors without actually touching them!  The US & internationally patented design makes it easy for any user to slip their arm into the opening and pull.  Their hand never comes into contact with the door handle, and so never touches any germs that may be residing on that handle.

           The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that up to 85% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.           

In many restrooms, users use paper towels to open doors, creating a mess on the floor by the door and wasting paper.  These well designed hands-free door handles eliminate the need for paper towels and are great for restrooms with hand dryers that don't have paper towels at all.

  SanitGrasp Installation Instructions

  Video: Comparison of Sanitary Door Openers

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  Enlarged image of etched instructions  

Close up detail of SanitGrasp sanitary door handle 

SanitGrasp® SG-101 Specifications

Top Section of SanitGrasp ®
  1. Engraved Instructions
  2. Wide angled opening Round top serves as a guide
    • Allows for an easy hand withdrawal
    • Allows for thick clothing and/or large hands
SanitGrasp® Material
  1. Stainless Steel
  2. SANIGUARD antimicrobial product protection
Screw holes
  1. All holes are one size larger than the traditional door pull handle
  2. Old holes serve as pilot holes for the SanitGrasp screws
The Handle
  1. The handle is attached to the plate with a rear plug weld
  2. The entire unit is attached to the door with flat head screws

The internationally patented SanitGrasp® is the only door handle that allows a person to avoid germs in a public restroom.  This J shaped door pull handle is a high priority for establishments who are looking to increase the health of their facilities for the benefit of their customers and employees.  The concern for avoiding germs in public restrooms has always been an issue, and the concern has been significantly increased due to the H1N1 "swine" flu pandemic.

Retrofit Guide for replacing an existing door handle with the SanitGrasp hygienic door handle
Retrofitting or remodeling a public restroom with the SanitGrasp® door pull handle is a simple task, and a quick easy way to improve the customer/employee experience.  Avoiding germs on the door handle is a growing concern due to the H1N1 "swine" flu, e coli and other infectious diseases since many people choose to not wash their hands in a public restroom.

  • 4” x 16” plate is the same size or larger than most traditional door pull handles
  • SanitGrasp® screw and bolt holes line up with most traditional pull handle holes
  • Larger screws are used, the old screw holes become pilot holes

Traditional Door Pull Handle
4" x 16" or smaller 4" x 16"
    Allows the SanitGrasp® to cover the old door
    pull handle
(6) #6 Panhead screws (6) #8 Flat Head screws
    The larger size screw uses the old holes as
    pilot holes.
   The flat head screws reduce to odds of a 
    snagging a piece of clothing on the 
    screw heads.
1/4" Thru bolt
    Bolt goes through the door for added strength 
    of handle attachment to the door.
3/8" Thru Bolt
    The lager size allows for a fresh hole for the 
    thru bolt.

    The larger size provides heavy duty strength .

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