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Saniflow E85A and E88A Automatic Hand Dryers

E85A, E88A saniflow hand dryers
E85A, E88A saniflow hand dryersE88 Durable commercial hand dryerSaniflow E88 Automatic Hand DryerSaniflow E88 Automatic Hand Dryer
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Spacing Image   SANIFLOW    Saniflow Automatic  |   E85  E88  |   Automatic, highly durable hand dryer

White (Steel or Cast Iron)  |  Bright Chromed  |  Satin Chromed  |  Bright Golden Chromed

A proven classic design for heavy-duty applications. Powered by a universal brush type motor (110-120V) with sealed lubricated ball bearings. Four silent-block mounts eliminate vibration noise transmission through walls. A 5 year manufacturer's warranty will ensure many years of reliable operation.

Iconic chrome nozzle rotates 360° for great use flexibility. Vandal proof cover screws prevent unauthorized access to internal components. Sensitivity (range) of the IR sensor is adjustable from 6 to 10 inches via an internal potentiometer.

FAQ:  What sort of maintenance is required for a hand dryer?
Aside from keeping the appearance of the hand dryer inviting by wiping it down with a soft cloth and a mild cleanser when needed, a semi-annual or annual cleaning and inspection are recommended. This typically takes less than 15 minutes and can extend the life of your dryer considerably.
In general, the cover is opened and removed using a special wrench provided by the manufacturer (after turning off the breaker and securing it).  A soft brush is then used to clear out any dust, fluff, or other foreign material from the surfaces of all internal componants. A canned air product can help with this, but be sure to follow the instructions to prevent spraying compressed liquid directly onto the internal parts. Next, the heating element and blower fan blades are examined for any unusual wear or blackening.
Lastly, if the dryer motor is brush-type, it is advisable to check the wear level of the carbon brushes. The owner's manual will have instructions on how to do this. Motor brushes are considered to be a consumable, however, they often last several years in practice, depending on how much usage the dryer receives, and they are usually not that expensive or complicated to replace.

Safety features for the Saniflow E-series include a 60 second automatic dryer shut out, a fire resistant plastic UL 94-V0 fan scroll, and a self-resetting thermal cut-off (302° F) for the heating element, and a level 3 IP (water ingress protection) rating to guard against splashes.

This dryer accepts 110-120V, 50/60Hz power. UL and CUL approved.

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Dry Time 20-29 seconds
Mount Surface Mount
Cover White porcelain enamel on steel
White porcelain enamel on cast iron
Satin (Brushed) chrome plate on steel
Bright (Polished) chrome plate on steel
Golden Bright (Polished) chrome plate on steel
Nozzle Chrome swivel nozzle (Turns 360°)
Activation Automatic (infra-red) Hands-Free
with adjustable sensing range.
Power 110-120V, 16A, 1850 Watts
Motor Universal brush type with sealed ball bearings.
Fan Aluminum centrifugal turbine with
double symetric air inlet
Airspeed 203 CFM
Heating Element 1600W, NiCr wire
Filter None
IP Rating IP23 (Water Ingress Level 3)1
Product Dimensions 11-1/8" Wide x 10" Tall x 8-1/2" Deep
Net Weight 14.3 lbs. (Steel Cover Versions)
23.4 lbs. (Cast Iron Version)
Shipping Dimensions Approx. 15" x 13" x 11"
Shipping Weight Approx. 17 lbs. (Steel Cover Versions)
Approx. 26 lbs. (Cast Iron Cover Version)
UPC/GTIN See chart below
Manufacturer Model No. See chart below
1 For an explanation of IP ratings, see our IP Levels Chart.

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Product Group Variations

Mfr. Model # Description GTIN / EAN / UPC
E85A Saniflow, Automatic, White Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron 6422460000101
E88A Saniflow, Automatic, White Porcelain Enamel on Steel 6422460000118
E88AC Saniflow, Automatic, Bright (Polished) Chrome Plated Steel 6422460000125
E88ACS Saniflow, Automatic, Satin (Brushed) Chrome Plated Steel 6422460000132
E88AO Saniflow, Automatic, Bright Golden Chrome Plated Steel 6422460000149
E85 Saniflow, Push Button, White Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron 6422460000057
E88 Saniflow, Push Button, White Porcelain Enamel on Steel 6422460000064
E88C Saniflow, Push Button, Bright (Polished) Chrome Plated Steel N/A
E88CS Saniflow, Push Button, Satin (Brushed) Chrome Plated Steel 6422460000088
E88O Saniflow, Push Button, Bright Golden Chrome Plated Steel 6422460000095

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Saniflow Speedflow Mounting Height Diagram
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