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RDSD-1570-3-Foam Manual Foaming Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser, White, 0.4 ml Pump

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Model Number: RDSD-1570-3-Foam
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RDSD-1570-3-Foam  - Manual foaming Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser, White, 0.4ml Pump

The RDSD-1570-3-Foam dispenses 0.4 ml of liquid which is smaller than the normal 0.8 ml in standard soap dispensers. By dispensing less liquid, these soap dispensers save money for the proprietor, and at the same time, the users can still get as much as they would like by hitting the push button more than once. 

If being used as a hand sanitizer dispenser, 0.4 ml dispenses the ideal amount. 0.8 ml dispensers normally dispense too much sanitizing liquid.

NOTE: Be sure to use pre-formulated soap or sanitizer that are made to foam.  Otherwise the dispenser may clog or run.  

0.4ml manual foam soap dispenser ideal for all washrooms with high traffic. Holds up to 1000ml and made from durable ABS plastic with locking device to avoid vandalism.


  • Slim Look Design
  • Glossy Shiny Surface
  • Recessed window for viewing foam soap levels
  • Key double hole lock tabs located on top for extra security
  • Permanent install with screw sets or adhesive for effortless installation

HR 50% Gray
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Part # RDSD-1570-3-Foam
Type Foam Soap Dispenser
Color Finish White
Capacity 1000ml
Dispenser Dimensions 10.50" x 5.00" x 4.75"
Unit Weight lbs. 1.15
Warranty 1 Yr. Manufacturer's Warranty

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Product Group Variations

Model Operation Type Color Dispense Volume Tank
  RDSD-1550-3 Push Button Lotion White .8ml 1000ml
  RDSD-1550B-3 Push Button Lotion Smoke Black .8ml 1000ml
  RDSD-1570-3-Foam Push Button Foam White .4ml 1000ml
  RDSD-1570-3-Lotion Push Button Lotion White .4ml 1000ml
  RDSD-1570B-3-Lotion Push Button Lotion Smoke Black .4ml 1000ml
  RDSD-2100-3 Push Button Foam White .8ml 1000ml
  RDSD-2100B-3 Push Button Foam Smoke Black .8ml 1000ml


• All units may be used for soap or sanitizer (including alcohol based).
• For sanitizer, .4ml is the recommended dispensing volume.
• For soaps, .8ml is the recommended dispensing volume.

• Foaming dispensers must be used with soaps and sanitizers that are designed to foam.
• Foaming soap can be made by diluting regular hand soap with 3 to 5 parts water.
• Foaming sanitizer must be pre-formulated to foam, otherwise it may be runny.