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Fast Dry JA Series High Speed Hand Dryers

Fast Dry HK-JA01 White Steel adjustable hand dryer.
Fast Dry HK-JA01 White Steel adjustable hand dryer.High speed HK-JA hand dryer, HK-JA05 Brushed Stainless Steel high speed hand dryer.
Retail Price: $549.00
OUR PRICE: From $325.00 to $350.00

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Fast Dry High-Speed JA(Jet Air) hand dryers.

See the high speed hand dryer that everyone is talking about.  When the user places his hand under the sensor of this dryer, a cool blue light shines on the hand, adding to a drying experience that is already very positive due to the high speed of this dryer.  The blower and heating elements are adjustable, meaning you can adjust the energy consumption, speed of dry and noise level.  While all high speed hand dryers are louder than regular dryers, we find the noise level of this one to be a little better than others in its class.  Not bad considering the storm of air that this dryer creates.

New!  This hand dryer is now available in a stainless steel, recessed version.



Activation: Automatic / hands-free sensor

Dry time: 10 - 15 seconds, adjustable

Electrical Spec:

     HK-JA   -UL          110/120V, 800 to 1600 W, 7 to 14 Amps (Adjustable), 50/60 Hz
     HK-JA   -220-UL  220/240V, 800 to 1600 W, 3.5 to 7 Amps (Adjustable), 50/60 Hz


Warranty: 5-years, limited

Motor: Brush motor with dual ball bearings

Factory Setting*

    18,000 RPMs
    Motor: 700W

    Heating Element: 900W

    TOTAL - 1600 Watts!

Minimum Setting*:

   12,000 RPMs

   Motor: 350W
   Heating Element: 450W

   TOTAL -  800 Watts!

*Settings adjust with the turn of a screw on bottom of unit

Cover Options

HK-JA01  -  White porcelain enamel on a steel cover

HK-JA02  -  Bright chrome finish on a steel cover
HK-JA05  -  Stainless Steel; Satin finish

Safety Features

  • Motor thermal protection
  • Auto resetting thermostat turns unit off at 105o C
  • Heater thermal protection
  • Auto resetting thermostat turns unit off at 85o C
  • Timed cut-off at 60 seconds
  • Drip-proof
  • IPX1 Isolation Class 1
  • Vandal-resistant screws


Sensor Range

51 - 330 mm (Adjustable)

Air Speed

75 - 100 m/s (Adjustable)

Air Volume

51-68 CFM





Unit Measurements

Shipping Measurements


8-5/64 in.

21 cm

14.2 in

36 cm


11-19/64 in.

29 cm

8.7 in.

22 cm


7-6/64 in.

18 cm

10.2 in.

26 cm


12.8 lbs.

5.8 Kg

14.6 lbs

6.6 Kg

Additional Information

       How to adjust the sensitivity of the IR sensor on an HK-JA hand dryer

       How to adjust the speed (and noise level) of an HK-JA hand dryer


Fast Dry HK-JA Hand Dryer Manual
Fast Dry HK-JA Mounting Template 

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