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Elkay Bi-Level Water Cooler - EZSTL8LC (Versatile)

Retail Price: $2,076.00
OUR PRICE: $877.00
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Model Number: EZSTL8LC

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ELKAY Wall Mount Bi-Level, Barrier Free ADA Water Cooler -  VERSATILE

Can be configured with either side high.  Left Side High (pictured above) or Right Side High (reversed)

The “quantity available” shown above will be shipped immediately.  If item is shown as “back ordered,” there may be an extended lead time due to supply-chain disruptions.  The current lead time is between 4 and 6 weeks.  Please call if you have questions.

The Elkay EZSTL8LC bi-level barrier-free ADA compliant cooler comes with two water coolers at different levels.  The left cooler is higher than the right as configured at the factory however it can easily be configured for right side high. 
All models have a hooded stream projector with Easy-Touch Controls that require less than 3 pounds of force to activate. Valve with built-in flow regulator provide constant stream from 20 to 105 psi, water pressure. Bubbler orifice fully protected to meet all sanitary codes.

Non-pressurized stainless steel cooling tank is standard. Non-pressurized water tank is located after bubbler valve, so that tank is subject to line pressure only when Easy-Touch Control is pressed.

As noted above, this product is versatile.  To learn more about what that means, see our FAQ: Versatile vs Reversible explanation.


These Water Coolers comply with the requirements of A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) when properly installed. Also meets the guidelines for children’s environments providing the floor to orifice height is 30" or less and proper clear floor space is provided for parallel approach. (Based on Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board final ruling.) Check Local and State Codes.


These Water Coolers are certified to be lead-free as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Elkay Water Coolers are manufactured with a waterway system utilizing copper components and completely lead-free materials. These waterways have no lead because all lead materials, such as leaded brass, have been removed. All joints are brazed using silver solder only. No lead solder is permitted. A strainer with an easily cleanable screen is provided to allow trapping and convenient removal of waterborne particulate of 140 microns and larger prior to their entry into the water cooler.


Galvanized structural steel chassis supports refrigeration
system and fastens to wall. Provides increased structural integrity and rigidity to cooler. 

Stainless Steel Basin:
One piece polished to a uniform Elkay
bright luster finish. Basin has integral drain grid, embossed bubbler pad. No exposed fasteners. 

Exclusive Flexi-Guard® Safety Bubbler*:
Innovative design
utilizes an infused anti-microbial pliable polyester elastomer toprevent accidental mouth injuries. Flexes on impact, then returns to original position. Strong. Abrasion-resistant. Anti-sweat. Keyed in location to prevent rotation.
Standard with this model.

Cooling Unit: Combination tube-tank type. Self cleansing. Tube portion is continuous coil of copper tubing. Tank is stainless steel. Fully insulated with EPS foam which meets Underwriters Laboratories Inc. requirements for  self-extinguishing material.  Refrigerant Control: Refrigerant HFC-134a is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube for positively trouble-free operation.

Temperature Control: Enclosed adjustable thermostat is factory
pre-set. Requires no adjustment other than for altitude requirements. Easily accessible.

  • Voltage:115Volt | 4 Amp   (Plugs into the wall with a three-prong plug.)
  • Available finishes: Light Gray Granite
  • Optional Add-on: Vandal Resistant Bubbler
  • Optional Add-on: Glass Filler or Carafe Filler
  • Flow Rate: 8 GPH

  • Unit Dimensions: 37" wide x 27" tall x 19" deep
    Unit Weight:
    70 lbs.

  • Shipping Dimensions: 20" wide x 34" tall x 20" deep
    Shipping Weight: 72 lbs.


  • Limited Warranty:   5 Years - refrigeration system, 12 months: electrical components and water system


Additional Options and Models

  For the 230V (2A) version of this product, see: EZSTL8L3JO

  For the drinking fountain version of this product (not-refrigerated), see: EZSTLDL

  For this product, but with water filter, see: LZSTL8LC
  For this product, but with a vandal resistant bubbler and buttons, see: VRCTL8SC
  For this product, but prepped for adding a bottle filter or carafe filler, see: EZSTL8LF

Additional Resources  (Click the links below to download PDFs of the named resources)

     EZSTL8 (Water Cooler) / EZSTLDD (Drinking Fountain) Specifications Sheet
     EZSTL8 (Water Cooler) / EZSTLDD (Drinking Fountain) Installation & Instruction Manual

    Elkay Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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