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Electric-Aire Replacement Part - Optic Board

OUR PRICE: $60.96
Model Number: WDP-91-804
Sensor / Optic Board for the Electric-Aire LE1-974 or the LE4-974 hand dryers
If the sensor has gone bad on your LE1-974 or LE4-974 hand dryer, you may need BOTH the Sensor / Optic Board sold here as well as the PCB Control.  If you KNOW that only one or the other has gone bad than you can get away with purchasing just that one, but otherwise you need to purchase them both.  The Electric-Aire is still sold at a pretty low price, so you may also want to consider purchasing a new unit.

Hand Dryer
Optic Board
PCB Control
LE1-974 (120 volts)
LE4-974 (230 volts)

Note:  Hand dryer replacement parts are only available LE1-974, the LE4-974, LE48-974 and the LN-974.  Parts are not available for any other Electric-Aire hand dryers, which have been discontinued.  Thank you.

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