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Five years ago, James Dyson brought his passion for engineering, efficiency and dramatic style to the hand dryer industry in the form of the Dyson Airblade.  It was in a class by itself and quickly became one of the most sought after products available and still maintains it position at the top of the market.  Since then, Dyson has continued to push the boundaries of conception, design and engineering and the fruits of their labor are culminated in a highly anticipated new line hand dryers, which once again, set the standard.

Dyson Digital Motor V4
The center piece of the new additions is the completely redesigned Dyson Digital Motor V4.  Spinning at 92,000 revolutions per minute it pushes a stunning 28 liters of air per second to create thin blades of air that efficiently wipe the water from your hands in under 12 seconds!

To house this newest powerplant, Dyson has incorporated the tried and true aluminum cabinet but also, created two new form factors. 

Airblade "V"

The Airblade "V" is a slim profile dryer that packs all the drying power of a traditional Dyson Airblade into an ADA compliant.
Dyson Airblade TAP
And arriving this summer, will be the first combination faucet and hand dryer available anywhere, the Dyson Airblade TAP.  It's unique design is already capturing imaginations and has been featured on prominent talk shows and technology venues.

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