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Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry Hand Dryer

New Dyson WD04, WD05, WD06 dryer
New Dyson WD04, WD05, WD06 dryerCombination faucet and hand dryer.Combination tap and hand dryer.The Dyson Tap dispenses water to wash and air to dry.
OUR PRICE: $1,949.00

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DYSON   |   Airblade Wash+Dry   |   WD04  WD05  WD06   |   High speed, faucet and hand dryer
WD04 Short Neck (Standard)   |   WD05 Long Neck   |   WD06 Wall Mount
LV (110-120V, 1000W, 9.56A@110V)   |   HV (208-240V, 1000W, 4.5A@220V)

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With Airblade™ hand drying technology in a faucet, you can dry your hands right at the sink! This beautiful and futuristic solution will leave a lasting impression with all who use it. And the practical aspects of the TAP make this a compelling investment for any business as well. Installing a Dyson Airblade TAP means significantly reduced operating expenses. No more cases of paper towels to buy and reduced janitorial costs (elimination of frequent service trips to the bathroom mopping up drips from wet hands across the floor and used paper towels thrown on the floor or clogging toilets).

And don't forget the hygienic benefits of a HEPA filtration system. All Dyson Airblades have a 3 stage HEPA filter built in. A grill to capture larger debris, a fleece layer to capture fluff and fibers, and a pleated HEPA media to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns.

FAQ: Is the HV (high voltage) version more powerful than the LV version?
High Voltage vs Low Voltage: This is probably the most common question asked about the Dyson Airblade hand dryer line. And while it might seem that high voltage would be more powerful (or low voltage would use less energy), in fact, both models use exactly the same amount of power (1000 Watts) and perform equally well. Dry times are identical.

IMPORTANT: Pre-Installation Considerations

Due to it's unique integration with your sink, there are some environmental requirements that you will want to review before purchasing your Dyson TAP to ensure a good experience. Please download Dyson's TAP Pre-installation Information and TAP Compatible Sinks guides to confirm that a TAP will work for you.

ALSO: To control the temperature of the water coming from the tap, it is necessary to install a thermostatic "mixer" valve in-line before the water enters the tap supply line. This is not provided as part of the tap, but is widely available from any plumbing supply and can also be combined with a safety shut-off to prevent scalding in the case of cold water interruption.

Note: This dryer has an operational environment ceiling of 6,550 feet above sea level.

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Dry Time 14 seconds
Mount Deck Mount (WD04, WD05)
Wall Mount (WD06)
Construction Stainless Steel (Brushed)
Nozzle AIR: 2 aperture slots (one along the bottom edge of the left and right "arms"
WATER: 1 port located at the end of the center stalk.
Activation Automatic (infra-red sensor) Touch-Free
Power LV (110-120V, 1000W, 9.56A@110V)
HV (208-240V, 1000W, 4.5A@220V)
Motor Dyson digital motor V4 (brushless DC)
Fan Composite blades (92,000 RPM)
Airspeed 420 MPH
Heating Element None
Filter Pleated HEPA filter cartridge
Product Dimensions
(Visible Portion)
WD04: 11-5/8" Wide x 6-1/4" Tall x 11-1/8" Deep
WD05: 11-5/8" Wide x 12-1/8" Tall x 11-1/8" Deep
WD06: 10-11/16" Wide x ~3" Height x 12" Deep
Net Weight WD04: 9.5 lbs.
WD05: 10.1 lbs.
WD06: 19.7 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions WD04: 11-7/8" Width x 11-1/8" Length x 11-1/4" Depth
WD05: 10-7/8" Width x 17-1/4" Length x 11" Depth
WD06: 11-7/8" Width x 24" Length x 14-3/4" Depth
Shipping Weight WD04: 13.4 lbs.
WD05: 14.3 lbs.
WD06: 25.9 lbs.
UPC/GTIN See chart below
Manufacturer Model No. See chart below
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Product Group Variations

Previous Model # Current Model No. Description Dyson Part No. UPC
AB09-LV WD04-LV Airblade TAP, Short Neck, 110-120V, 50/60Hz, 9.5A 247659-01 885609014104
AB10-LV WD05-LV Airblade TAP, Long Neck, 110-120V, 50/60Hz, 9.5A 247663-01 885609014111
AB11-LV WD06-LV Airblade TAP, Wall Mount, 110-120V, 50/60Hz, 9.5A 247669-01 885609014128
AB09-HV WD04-HV Airblade TAP, Short Neck, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 4.6A 247908-01 885609014074
AB10-HV WD05-HV Airblade TAP, Long Neck, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 4.6A 247910-01 885609014081
AB11-HV WD06-HV Airblade TAP, Wall Mount, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 4.6A 247915-01 885609014098

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Downloadable Resources

Pre-installation Guide for Dyson WASH+DRY

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Additional Information

How does it work, exactly?


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