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HEPA Filter - Replacement for Dyson Airblade TAP Hand Dryers

AB09 HEPA Filter
AB09 HEPA FilterHEPA Filters for Dyson Airblade Tap
OUR PRICE: $49.99
Item Number: DYP-965395-01
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Replacement part -  Filter for the Dyson Airblade TAP AB09 | AB10 | AB11 faucet and hand dryer.

Filter model number 965395-01.

This HEPA filter is a genuine replacement part from the manufacturer - Dyson.

Dyson Airblade TAP HEPA Filteration System

How to replace the Dyson Airblade Tap HEPA filter:

The first thing to do is to cut power to the unit.  This is usually done via the circuit braker in the electrical panel that serves the dryer.  Once that is done, it is safe to proceed with changing the filter.
The HEPA filter is located at the bottom of the motor bucket and hose assembly (white plastic portion under the sink).  To access the filter, you will need to depress the red button on the bottom of the unit which will partially release the motor componant. You will then be able to swivel the motor bucket out and free of the rest of the under sink assembly.  Located on the front of the motor bucket is a small semi-circular tab with a small square hole at it's tip.  Insert a micro-screwdriver or other narrow metal tool into the hole and gently pivot it up and down until the tab releases and the filter assembly separates from the base.  Next attach the new HEPA filter and replace the motor bucket in the bracket under the sink.  It is now safe to turn the circuit back on restoring power to the TAP.

Download the spec sheet here: Airblade TAP Replacement HEPA Filter Specifications

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