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DoorWave Hands-Free Door Opener

DoorWave Door Opener
DoorWave Door OpenerHands-Free Door Pull
OUR PRICE: $19.99
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Model Number: DoorWave

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DoorWave Hands Free Door Opener

You have hands-free toilets, hands-free soap dispensers, hands-free hand dryers,...
  but how do your guests and staff exit the bathroom?

The DoorWave is a patented hands-free door pull that allows you to open the door with your foot. These are perfect for public restrooms in restaurants, medical buildings, public building or schools. Best of all, no paper towels used to open the door and then thrown on the floor making an unpleasant and messy impression on all those passing by.

Package includes: One (1) DoorWave, self-tapping screws, installation instructions, and vinyl instructional sticker.

The DoorWave can be installed on both wooden and metal doors.
DoorWave installs on wood or metal doors

DoorWave makes it easy to open doors with only your foot.

Simply step... and pull back!

  DoorWave Features:
  • Easy installation. No additional hardware needed.
  • Great for use in restaurants, warehouses, and other locations where pass-through staff and guests may have hands occupied when entering or exiting.
  • Ergonomic design allows for opening of door from wider approach angle.
  • Smooth tapered edge allows firm grip with no potential for damage due to saw-tooth grip.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction won't bend under pressure.
  • Patented and manufactured in USA.
Why do we like the Doorwave more than the StepnPull?  We think the StepnPull is fine if the door is very light and so it can be opened easily by pushing down.  However, the Doorwave is a bit larger which we think makes it easier to gets some leverage onto, and therefore better for a heavier door.  This makes it also accesable for those who have heals on.  Also, you can pull with your foot underneath the Doorwave, which adds another option.  If the door is fairly heavy, we recommend the Footpull which is larger still and has a large cup to get your foot underneath.  Heavier still?  Us the Sanitgrasp by pulling with your arm.  

Measurements Diagram

DoorWave Measurements

Additional Information

   Here is a short video showing how simple it is to install a DoorWavehands-free door opener.

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