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CAST (Hands-On, Surface) Parts Info

# 2  Replacement Cover
White Epoxy Enamel Finish or Chrome Plated (on Die Cast Zinc Alloy)

# 3  Inlet Screen
Discourages tampering or insertion of items into dryer inlet.

# 5  Tamper Proof Bolt
Security type screw for metal cover. Two needed per dryer. Sold EACH.

# 6  Tamper Proof Wrench
Security L-wrench that fits tamper-proof screws used to lock cover.

# 8  Nozzle with Spring & Washers
Chrome plated. Swivels.

# 9  Push Button Assembly
Complete chrome plated push-button assembly (includes 9, 10, 11, and 26)

# 10  Push Button Tip
Triac version push button tip.
If your dryer is more than 10 years old, call to see if you need the Non-Triac version.

# 11  Push Button Snap Ring
Holds push-button assembly in place.

# 12  Terminal Block with Screws
Secures internal wiring to input wiring securely. Designed to avoid shorts and disconnects.

# 13  Timer Assembly (Adj 30-60 sec)
Replacement push button timer circuit.
Universal Voltage (110-120V, 208V, 220-240V, 277V).

# 15  Motor Mounting Pad
Mounting pad. Dampens vibration between blower mounting bracket and back plate.

# 16  Blower Housing
Fan blade enclosure that directs air from blower motor out through nozzle.

# 17  Blower Screen
Protective screen that discourages insertion of objects into the dryer through the output nozzle, reducing risk of damage to blower wheel or injury to user.

# 18  Blower Wheel
Cylindrical (barrel shaped) fan blade.

# 19  Heating Element Assembly
2300 Watt version. Available in 110-120V, 208-240V and 277V.
If you need 1500 Watt version, call us at 704-937-2673.

# 22  Wall Plate
Back plate (mounting plate) holds dryer components and
used to securely affix dryer to wall.

# 23  Motor
Blower motor for Excel CAST series dryers.
Available in 110-120V, 208-240V, and 277V.

# 26  Push Button E-Ring
Holds push-button spindle in place with spring properly tensioned.

# 30  Nozzle Fixer
For surface mount, Excel Dryer CAST (Model 76) dryers.

We carry ALL Excel Dryer CAST parts.
If you don't see what you need, call our parts department at
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