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80% Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes, Case of 4 Resealable Buckets (RDHS-10X12NL-4pk)

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Model Number: RDHS-10X12NL-4pk
Information on Restroom Direct Special Deals on Wipes and Buckets.

RESTROOM DIRECT Disinfecting Wipes   All Purpose Wiping System
  • Airtight Resealable Container10" X 12" TEAR RESISTANT MULTI-PURPOSE WIPES
    (Non-woven: 50% polyester, 50% viscous construction)
  • Portable resealable canister with sturdy ABS handles
  • 400 wipes per container! 
  • Each bucket comes with 64 Ounces of high quality 80% ethyl alcohol sanitizer added.
  • This is the GOOD KIND of alcohol - food grade Ethyl - made in USA - not Isopropyl rubbing alcohol.   (Sorry, you still can't drink it.)

Restroom Direct 10" X 12" Wipes in use
These our our Premium Wipes.  Why are they our best wipes?

  • 80% Ethanol alcohol. Only alcohol is approved by the FDA to fight Covid-19.  Not only do these wipes use premium, made in the USA, food grade Ethyl alcohol, but the alcohol used is 80%, suprassing the FDA requirement of at least 60% alcohol. Many wipes provide between 60 to 75% alcohol which will be too little if there is any dilution or too much evaporation.  
  • Twice as much sanitizer as our regular wipes. Each bucket includes 64 ounces of premium sanitizer.
  • Extra Large wipes.  These wipes are 10" x 12".  Far larger than most other wipes and ideal for cleaning.  Our 400-count buckets carry a larger volume of both wipes and 80% alcohol sanitizer than other 800 - 1000 wipe buckets. 
  • Durable, tear resistant wipes.  These wipes do not crumble in your hands and can be used for a longer period of time than other wipes. 
  • Large, durable, fully sealable buckets that can be used again and again.  

The hand sanitizer that is included with the wipes uses the following World Health Organization Formula approved by FDA: Center for Drug Evaluation & Research (CDER).

    • Ethanol alcohol: 80%
    • Glycerol: 1.45%
    • Hydrogen Peroxide: 0.125%

A high alcohol level like the one used in this product is required by the WHO to fight the coronavirus.  We use a high-quality, food-grade ethyl alcohol (warning, do not drink) and not the harsh isopropyl rubbing-alcohol that many are selling as sanitizer.  Yes, our ethyl alcohol formula may be more expensive than rubbing alcohol, but it is also accepted as safer and easier to use.

FDA guidance on approved sanitizer for Covid-19:  "Hand sanitizer prepared under FDA’s temporary policies during the COVID-19 public health emergency, as outlined in the guidances, cover only alcohol-based (ethanol and isopropyl alcohol) hand sanitizer. FDA’s temporary policies do not cover the use of other active or inactive ingredients not otherwise mentioned in the guidance for use in hand sanitizer, including benzalkonium chloride."

Product Usage

Convenient disinfecting, cleaning, and scrubbing wipe for use on hands or other durable surfaces. 

Important:  This bucket is RESEALABLE.  Be sure to snap the cap closed after each use. This high-alcohol sanitizer is very effective, but alcohol evaporates quickly. You may purchase refill bottles of sanitizer from us if needed.

FAQ:  What's the difference between a standard wipe (RDHS-9201NL) and a premium wipe (RDHS-10X12NL)
Standard Wipes vs. Premium WipesThere are three differences between our standard and premium wipes.

Firstly, there's the size.  Standard wipes are 7" x 8", while our premium wipes are 10" x 12".  That's twice as big!

Secondly, there is the construction.  Our standard wipes are Airlaid (paper).  The premium ones are a synthetic non-woven fabric (which is more durable and tear resistant, but a little thinner).

And lastly, the premium wipes come with more sanitizer  (64 oz. per bucket, vs 32 oz. for the standard)

There's even more info in this video:  Restroom Direct Alcohol Wipes and Sanitizer.
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Product Type Sanitizing Wipes, 80% Alcohol
Formulation Ethanol alcohol: 80%
Glycerol: 1.45%
Hydrogen Peroxide: 0.125%
Refills Pack of 6 RDHS-9201DW-6pk refill sanitizing wipes (7" x 9", Airlaid)

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Product Packaging

Package Four (4) Canisters of Wipes with 64 oz. of Sanitizer each.
Content 1600 towels | 256 Oz. sanitizer total
Shipping Dimensions 22" Length x 22" Width x 11" Height
Shipping Weight 32 lbs.

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    Specification Sheet for RDHS-9X12NL-4pk

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