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Nova 5 Series Hand Dryers

Nova 5 hand dryer white automatic
OUR PRICE: From $231.00 to $294.00

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Cover material                                    Die cast aluminum
                                                              White epoxy coating paint or
                                                              Brushed chrome plating

                                            Automatic / hands free or
                                                              Push Button

Push Button timer                              Adjustable from between 15 and 160 seconds

Electrical Specifications

120 Volts, 15 Amps, 1800 Watts
White automatic                         Model 0212 (previously models 0210, 0180 and 1121)
        White push button                         Model 0112  (previously models 0110 and 0111)

        Brushed chrome, automatic          Model 021299

Brushed chrome, push button    Model 011299

208/240 Volts, 9 Amps, 1800 Watts
          White automatic                           Model 0222  (previously models 0220, 0280, 221)

          White push button                        Model 0122  (previously models 0120, 0180, 0121)
Brushed chrome, automatic        Model 022299

Brushed chrome, push button     Model 012299

Weight                                                   18 lbs

Dimensions                                          12" wide  x  8.7" high  x   9.4" deep       
With optional recessing kit                15" wide  x 13.2" high  x  5.9" deep
Recessing kit model numbers               white: 37-058500, chrome: 37-058589
Recess kit dimensions                          15" wide x 13 3/16" high x 3 1/2" deep

(When ordering a recessed version Nova 5, these wall boxes will come separately from the hand dryers.)

Sound level                                        74 dB (quiet!)
Brushless Motor                                  Brushless - 1/10 HP, 3200 RPM
Air Volume                                          148  Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)
Air Speed                                            4700 Linear Feet per Minute (LFM)

Dry Time                                             30 seconds
Nozzle                                                 Set to the "swivel" position
Limited Warranty                                5 years, 2 years on sensor

cULus Listed

Nova 5 Drawing

HOW TO GUIDE:  Adjusting the sensitivity of the Infra-red sensor on the NOVA 5 Automatic Hand Dryer

Here's a chart showing equivalent part numbers for Nova dryers rebranded as ASI.  (Older American Specialty hand dryers.)


Cover / Activation


ASI Model

NOVA Model

Nova 4

White, Automatic, Surface Mount




Nova 4

White, Automatic, Recess Mount 120V 0170 0712
Nova 4 White, Automatic, Surface Mount 208-240V 0158 0422

Nova 5

White, Automatic, Surface Mount

120 V



Nova 5

White, Automatic, Surface Mount

208V - 240V



Nova 5

White, Push Button, Surface Mount




Nova 5

White, Push Button, Surface Mount

208V - 240V



Nova 5

White, Push Button, Recessed Mount



0112 + RK*

Nova 5

White, Push Button, Recessed Mount

208V - 240V


0122 + RK*

     * Nova 5 recess kit "RK" may be ordered separately here.

Want a bullet-proof cast iron cover?  Get the                                    Nova 4
For a high speed dryer with steel cover, use the AirMax:                 DXM5-974

Download the Nova 4 & Nova 5 specification sheets here  

Nova 5 Instruction Manual
Nova 5 Mounting Template

Nova 4 & Nova 5 hand dryers shall be manufactured by or for Nova Hand Dryers to include a one-piece cover constructed of .20” thick cast iron (Nova 4® ) finished in white acid-resistant porcelain enamel or .09” thick die cast aluminum finished in brushed chrome plating or epoxy coating (Nova 5® ). Dryers shall be fitted with 360 degree revolving die cast aluminum nozzles finished in bright chrome plating. Surface-mounted covers shall be fastened by two flat- head, recessed tamper-resistant bolts to a heavy-gauge steel wall plate, which in turn shall be fastened to the wall or a wall box by four concealed mounting bolts. (For recessed dryers only: A steel wall box shall be furnished into which a complete base assembly shall be mounted). The dryer shall be equipped with 15 air intake slots (Nova 4® ) or 30 air intake slots (Nova 5® ). The fan shall be protected by an aluminum die cast grating fixed into the blower housing. The entire mechanism shall be internally grounded throughout. The motor shall be brushless, 1/10 H.P., 3200 RPM, thermally protected. The fan shall be a large single inlet centrifugal type contained in an aluminum die cast housing. It shall deliver 148 cubic feet per minute of air volume (4700 LFM) and shall be mounted directly on the motor shaft. The heating element of nichrome wire shall be mounted on the air intake. It shall be protected by an automatic resetting circuit breaker (25 AMP) which shall open whenever the air flow is cut off and shall close when the flow of air is resumed. The element shall produce an air temperature of 142 F at a 72 F ambient room temperature. The dryer shall be equipped with an infrared sensor which will allow the dryer to start automatically when hands are placed underneath the air nozzle, and to stop automatically when the hands are removed. For push button dryers (Nova 5® only), timer shall be micro-chip based and micro-switch activated. It shall be adjustable to allow for the required time cycle setting. Nova® Hand Dryers shall be listed under reexamination service of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

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