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ASI 10-0620 Standard Mirror with Stainless Steel Chan-Lok Frame

ASI Commercial Grade Mirror
OUR PRICE: From $72.74 to $822.80

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American Specialties, Inc. NOTE: Select options above to see price. HR 50% Gray
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ASI - COMMERCIAL GRADE MIRROR - 0620 Series Channel Frame (One piece rolled)

     20 Gauge, Type 304 Stainless Steel Frame, 1/2" Width, Satin Finish. Two wall bracket installation secured with theft resistant set screw.


     For large sizes (24 x 36 and over) shipment will be on a pallet via LTL (Freight Company).  If you have restricted access, or do not have a loading dock, extra shipping fees may apply.

     Mirrors with a dimension over 48" may be special order and have additional lead time.  Please call for current lead time.

HR 50% Gray
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Construction One piece roll formed member that encases mirror and backing revealing a tight mitred corner. Mirror is installed on two wall brackets and held secure by theft resistant screw.
Glass Standard glazing is No 1 quality, 1/4" (6.4mm) thick plate/float glass, silver coated and hermetically sealed with uniform copper plating, and warranted against silver spoilage for 15 years. Mirrors meet Federal Specification DD-M-411C, ASTM C1036-91.
Dimensions Projects 5/8" from wall. For available widths & heights, see standard dimensions chart below.
Warranty One year manufacturer's warranty against defects in material & workmanship.
Installation Install “H” wall brackets level and plumb per diagram location using ONLY No 8 or No 10 Pan Head screws (by others). Hang mirror on brackets and tighten locking screw (No 6-32F x 3/4" Philips Pan Head, supplied separately taped to mirror back) at bottom (note: this screw should be started prior to hanging mirror on wall bracket). For compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines, bottom edge of reflecting surface should be no higher than 40" (1016mm) above finished floor.
Comments Exposed surfaces have No 4 satin finish. Edges and corners are burr free.
HR 50% Gray
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Additional Glazing Options

General Below options are particularly suited to applications where frequent breakage and/or security concerns are relevant. While more durable, the reflective quality of these types of mirrors are not as true as standard plate glass. Call for pricing on these special order options.
-B Polished tempered glass, 1/4"
-C Type 304 Stainless Steel polished to #8 mirror finish.
-D Lexan Dura-Mir, polycarbonate sheet, 1/4"
-E Plexiglas, acrylic plastic, 1/4", lightweight and shatter resistant.
-L Laminated glass, 1/4"
HR 50% Gray
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Standard Sizes Reference Chart

0620 Series ("Chan-Lok") - Don't see the size you need? Call us for price and lead time on custom sizes.

Width Height Model No. Shipping Method
16 20 10-0620-1620 Regular Ground
16 22 10-0620-1622 Regular Ground
16 24 10-0620-1624 Regular Ground
16 30 10-0620-1630 Regular Ground
18 24 10-0620-1824 Regular Ground
18 30 10-0620-1830 Regular Ground
18 36 10-0620-1836 Freight (on Pallet)
20 60 10-0620-2060 Freight (on Pallet)
24 24 10-0620-2424 Freight (on Pallet)
24 30 10-0620-2430 Freight (on Pallet)
24 36 10-0620-2436 Freight (on Pallet)
24 42 10-0620-2442 Freight (on Pallet)
24 48 10-0620-2448 Freight (on Pallet)
30 36 10-0620-3036 Freight (on Pallet)
30 48 10-0620-3048 Freight (on Pallet)
36 24 10-0620-3624 Freight (on Pallet)
36 36 10-0620-3636 Freight (on Pallet)
36 48 10-0620-3648 Freight (on Pallet)
48 30 10-0620-4830 Freight (on Pallet)
48 36 10-0620-4836 Freight (on Pallet)
60 24 10-0620-6024 Freight (on Pallet)
60 36 10-0620-6036 Freight (on Pallet)
72 36 10-0620-7236 Freight (on Pallet)

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