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Sanitary Door Openers

We have three great solutions for opening those dirty, germ-ridden restroom doors WITHOUT touching them with your hands.  These solutions are used in restaurants, labs and other places where hygiene is important all across the US. 

    1. Open the door with your foot.  The FootPull door opener attaches to the bottom of the door and is padded so any foot can pull open the door. 

    2. Open the door with your elbow.  The Sanitary Door Opener is installed above or instead of the regular door handle.  It is open at the top so you can pull with the inside of your elbow.  

    3. Open the door with your wrist.  The Sanitgrasp is designed to slip your wrist into it and pull.  .

    Our hygienic door openers are very simple solutions.  You pull with your foot, you pull with your arm or you pull with your elbow.  Any way you open the restroom door, your clean hands never touch that handle.

    FootPull Hands-Free Door Opener
    Retail Price: $75.00
    OUR PRICE: $62.95
    FootPull Hands-Free Door Opener
    The FootPull Hands-Free Restroom Door Opener allows you to open the restroom door using your foot so you don't have to touch that dirty door handle. Easy to install and use, this devise is a simple answer to an old problem.
    SanitGrasp Hygienic Door Handle
    SanitGrasp Hygienic Door Handle
    Retail Price: $132.99
    OUR PRICE: $109.00
    SanitGrasp Hygienic Door Handle
    SanitGrasp hygienic door handle. Brushed stainless steel. Open restroom doors without touching them by using your forearm.
    Hands free door opener.
    Sanitary Door Opener - Set of 2
    Retail Price: $99.00
    OUR PRICE: $94.00
    Sanitary Door Opener - Set of 2
    The Sanitary Door Opener mounts above the door handle and is operated by pulling with your forearm.

    Mr P hates touching public restroom door handles with his hands. Who can blame him?  After all, HE was the diligent one, washing and drying his hands thoroughly.  He's ready to go on his clean way.  But what's this? His path is blocked by a restroom door handle.  That's not just any handle.  Mr. P. just read an article saying that 25% of men do not wash their hands when in the public restroom.  (I won't even tell you what he read about the Swine Flu.)  What's he going to do?

    Mr. P scratches his head with his still-clean hand.  If there are paper towels in the restroom, Mr. P will use those to open the door.  But then he's going to throw them on the floor next to the bathroom door.  Is that making the restroom cleaner?  He doesn't think so.  Mr. P also knows that hand dryers are better for the environment (not to mention less expensive) than wasting paper towels so he likes to use hand dryers whenever possible, but then there might be no paper towels for him to open the door with at all.

    He stares at that bathroom door, contemplating his escape.  But hold the phone (if it's clean)!  Here's something he hadn't noticed at first.  A Sanitary Door Opener from Restroom Direct.  All Mr. P. needs to do is pull the door open with his foot or elbow and he's made a CLEAN break of it.  Mr. P. is as happy as a pig in poo.